Bunch of tuesdays strung together

I woke up this morning all happy at the thought of being able to sit at my desk all day and read. It’s the exam season so I have nonsense invigilation dooty. Today and tomorrow however I am free. Smile. I like planning these free days with full energy. Nothing happens after that though. So I got here at 9:30, didn’t make coffee and started work on my blog. Redesigned and added a few more pages. I am happy with how it looks for now. Then I made my Bucket List and read it out to Mini.

Some things on my list are blah. Most of them I’ll never do but I want to. One or two I badly want to do but I don’t know how I can do it. Like getting pregnant for day and becoming somebody’s wife for a day. Who will want to marry me for a day ya?


Why isn’t PhD on my list? If my research life had a face, it would look like the receptionist at Hotel Decent in Jab We Met; hopeful, funny and grinning. What is this green bag shit anyway? I should call my blog I am sorry. While I am typing this away, 2 of my acquaintances are traveling all by themselves in Barcelona and Paris. Not acquaintances actually, just people I sort of stalk on FB. Don’t mind this post. I suddenly remembered my 500 day challenge and decided to write something. I have no idea why I am still writing. It’s a warm day, very regular and all. C.A is sitting in front of me looking marveled at his new landscapes picture book. Every 5 minutes he looks up at me and says ‘Phew! Look at this!’ And I look.

Valuation begins tomorrow so that means I now have 15 days of excuse to not write. Meh.

My reading list is already looking mad at me. Let’s see how this one goes.

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