Keep your friends close, but enemies closer? Um, Thanks but no Thanks.

The friend who loved you. So much that she started to make your personal life hers: 

You will always be my first best friend and last. I don’t deny missing you even after all that bad blood between us. You were special to me and always will be. I just cannot get over the fact that you tried to control and own my life and also the people in it. I shared my love life with you so you could be a part of something that’s important in my life, not so you could manipulate it. The reason I never drew boundaries between us was because I trusted you to know your limits without being reminded of them but as it turns out BOUNDARIES ARE IMPORTANT.

Bullying 10,000 mutual friends to come and meet you at the cafe so you can force them to hate me?  – Do it all you want sweetie, too bad though that half of them you spent time and money on, ended up coming back to me with bloodshot eyes and a warning to never ever let you back in my life. And the other half? Blah. They never mattered much anyway, besides you’ve always been a persuasive bully. So… SCORE!

It’s cold and icy what you left on my back – I have forgiven you but I continue to gloat over the fact that you aren’t in my life anymore and that my last parting gift to you was the impression of my foot on your butt when I kicked you out of my life.

The undesirables:

I don’t quite know what else to call this stinking, lying and dirty pack of rowdies. Ones’ that you and I have so often seen by the college gates ogling at anything female that moves. I hate myself for not having recognized animals of this kind. They haunt you and your thoughts with such monstrosity that they become capable of turning anything pleasant and beautiful into ugly and really really ugly. They are downright sexist and even if one of them were to be imprisoned tomorrow for having eve teased or something worse, I will not be surprised. Having said that I will do everything in my power to bring them before the system and not rest until they are punished.

These are exactly the kind of people that contribute to a culture that normalizes evils like eve teasing and rape. Slut walk is the perfect response to these rapists. A far too strong word to use, I am aware. Nevertheless, that’s what they are: Hungrily drooling and ogling at women of all ages and sizes. Preaching to fellow males about what a true ‘man’, ‘woman’ is. Pretending to be serious about a girl and then ruining her life, to marry someone else.Well, you know the kind. Enough said.

The bullies in college ( Even at a Post Graduation level, Yes)

The spiteful, bitter, full of hate kind, the kind that bitch about people who DO NOT smoke or drink and also about people who do not like the things that they do or like the things that they hate. They are usually a pair and are hardly seen without each other. But that’s because they know that they are at their weakest without the other, thereby making the experience of bullying without the other, unwholesome. Moreover, there is that constant threat of being yelled back by people who do not succumb to their bullying.

Both unparalleled in their competition with each other to prove who’s the bully, they pick on people who they know do not defend themselves and go on a hate rampage about people who do.

They are aware of feminism and claim to be feminists too but the minute they see somebody fat, and a fat woman at that, they have fat things to comment. Evidently, they are body conscious and suck off the patriarchy endorsed structure of body image and beauty.

A friend according to them is someone who can join with their bullying, someone who will stop being friends with someone that the bullies don’t like. Someone who likes the same things that they do, Someone who can hate people and show it with pride, even though there is no reason to.

And should you dare to be happy during times when they are unhappy (which is pretty much, ALWAYS. I wonder why (NOT), then be prepared to be hated. They don’t care what the reason may be, you have absolutely no right to be happy when the bullies are unhappy. For instance you cannot turn up at a Christmas party with your boyfriend (even though he has been invited) when a bully is recovering from a break up. Should you turn up at said event, then all the moments that you share with your boyfriend are apparently aimed at the bully. Clearly, bullies have insecurity issues but to parade these issues openly? Yes, these bullies are a rare breed. They thrive on hating people.

Ever heard of people hating other people because of this and this and that? Obviously you identify the reason before you start to hate somebody. Well, not these bullies. They first start hating people and then try to look for a reason. And evidently it does not matter if they don’t find a reason. Hating is apparently their birthright and they will have it.  

There will come a time when one of the bullies will realize or pretend to realize that the other bully is a mean-spirited evil thing. And I kid you not, he/she will also be humane enough to see the things that they have said in the past and try to mend their ways. You may even begin to see them minus the bullying instinct and after doing so, be kind to them; but as they apparently say “BULLIES WILL BE BULLIES”

Soon, they go back to their old ways and open the bully club. You get the idea.

The Female Patriarch :

Most commonly seen bonding with the aforementioned undesirables, the lady in question here has more in common with the undesirables than just the nomenclature. They both, for instance share a mutual view of women and how they ought to be. That apart, the belief that women are objects designed to please men. Although, I must add that the female patriarch here goes a step further and sanctions rape and eve teasing. Apparently “when women dress in a certain way, they deserve to be eve teased and raped. Sexy no?

Since she is a believer, like most others, in God, Religion and by that extension Patriarchy, she will not utter a word when another boy or girl is fighting with the undesirables regarding the age old battle between the sexes. She chooses to sit in a corner and play the “good girl” part. More often than not she even supports the undesirables since “being a girl, she ought to be one”

P.S: Yes, I rant.


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