Overheard at The Parisian Cafe

I have decided that I want to come here every day and not just because this place is like the café that I have always wanted to go sit and be by myself at but also because I get to eavesdrop on the most interesting conversations here. Also because I think I have finally found a dog companion. I am going to call him dog. He’s nice – doesn’t bark or stare or anything. He sits next to me and wags his tail. Now and then he will look up at me, walk and then come back and sit. I have not touched him yet. Too soon no?

Scene 1

Two girls.

Girl 1 over the phone (looks slightly upset): arre, tere wajhe se doctor ke paas jaa rahi hoon, samajh mein nahi aata kya tere ko? Davai leni pad rahi hai teri waja se. samajh raha hai na?


Toh sabka apna apna tarika hota hai na stress se deal karne ke liye, toh this is my way. Tu kyu beech mein tang lada raha hai?

Listen, abhi mujhe baat nahi karni hai, tu chup chaap phone rakh de.

Girl  2: Kya bol raha hai?

Girl 1 – arre chod yaar, kitni baar samjhaa sakti hoon? Sometimes I am also human no?


Scene 2 –

Two teenage boys (Around 16)

Bro 1 – So, bro what have you decided?

Bro 2 – See bro, it doesn’t make sense anymore so you only tell.

Bro 1 – It’s as if you are leaving me for one girl.

Bro 2 – No No it’s like you are leaving one boy to be with one boy (walks away sadly)

Bro 1 – Come here, come here. What do you mean? What have you done for me?

Bro 2 – What have YOU done for me?

Bro 1 – What have I NOT done for you?

Bro 2 – No no, first tell what have you done for me?

Bro 1 – Didn’t I set you up with Srilekha?

Bro 2 – Go man, what set up? Am I in a relationship with srilekha?

Bro 1 – Oh ho so fucker, you want to be in a relationship with srilekha va?

*Bro 2 disappears*


Scene 3:

3 young men

Boy 1 – kal ka match kya ba woh. Catch miss nai kiya hota toh mathar chod RCB eech winn.

Boy 2 – Pakda miss hua, phir se pakda miss hua, neeche gaya , haath tilt hua. Ball miss hua.

Kya phada re.

Boy 3- Next over mein bhi  chaar 6 maarta unhe. Chod re.


Boy 2 – Dhoondha nai jaga?

Boy 3 – Hau.. ek dekha mein church street social ki kya ki

Boy 1 – Kaha pe?

Boy 3 – Church street pe re.


Blee. Found a new job until college reopens.


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