The month that wasn’t

I Signed up for a writing group with a bunch of kick-ass writers. Don’t know why I did that. Maybe I am not all that fond of myself. Anyway, I have already told them I’ll bring them cookies every time I have to read something I have written. I am very excited about the writing group. We are to meet once in two weeks and because of what now seems like a blunder I made 9 years ago, I couldn’t attend the first meeting. I don’t want to write about it yet because I will have no energy to look for my dongle in the middle of the night (which is usually when I feel like deleting myself off the face of the internet) to plug it in to this damn net book to delete the blunder post.

In other news, I seem to have made good progress on the whole ‘small talk’ nonsense. I asked a colleague out for drinks and I ended up having a fab time. My ‘seasonal bronchitis’ has left me alone so I didn’t really have to worry about the smoke. I really liked talking to her. We’ve also sort of made plans for our reading list over the summer. So ambitious no?

Sadly, I have also realized what a useless douche bag I am. This month I learnt that I am incapable of living alone. So at least for sometime now I will not play the ‘leaving home’ nonsense. It is because I can’t manage my money. I am broke even before the tenth of every month, even on months that I get my salary on the 7th!

Also, I am beginning to see Richard and Emily differently. Meaning they aren’t all that bad. For now. It seems like my mother and I are capable of having real conversations. She did make an attempt today. Maybe my relationship with my parents doesn’t have to be bad. I can talk to them about stuff liking living away in sometime.

My membership with the British library can come to its fullest use over the vacations. I am a terrible planner owing to which I couldn’t plan my visits there properly. This has also made me see why I need more alone time more than I think I do. Alone time makes me calmer somehow and I get to plan my month better.




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