Valuation Blues

So it is *that time of the year* at college. Blee. Meaning, endless shifts between invigilating and valuing papers, mad cravings for what used to be long island iced teas at Plan B but are now replaced by seven kingdoms at Monkey bar, getting up every now and then, while correcting papers, cursing the god damned weather, making crazy promises to self and the others about doing away with 40 papers a day and eventually correcting about 3.

Finished about 20 today, which is not bad actually because yesterday I finished 3. Today I thanked myself for not being married. It was 5:00 pm and I was still in college; working, and suddenly I was bowled over by the freedom it is to not be married. I could be anywhere I wanted to be. At the movies, at monkey bar, at BCL, at commercial street doing some useless thing, anywhere but home. I could go home too but the beauty of not having someone to wait up for you or keep calling you to know when you’ll be home is the most beautiful freedom. I wish I don’t have to let go off this space. Ever.


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