Coming back

I find it difficult to write when I am surrounded by noise. Like now, for instance. I am sure even these idiots don’t like what they are listening to. I am waiting for them to leave. I miss how this place used to be or at least is, every now and then. Quiet. Music in public spaces should be banned. What the hell is the point of banning smoking? People talking or playing insanely loud music in public should be banned. Bah. I’m crabby. Why can’t they just leave and let me be in peace?

I am very close to finishing ‘The way to Paradise’. I cannot help but feel relieved, the way I do everytime after I finish a novel. But this time, a little more because I have been on and off with this book for 3 months! I have literally exhausted myself trying to finish the damn book. I didn’t have to struggle so much with any of the other Llosa novels. This one took a long time. Even though I struggled a bit with ‘Notebooks of Don Rigoberto’, I didn’t regret how slowly I read it because I was paying attention to details. But I cannot, for the life of me, get myself to pay attention to details with this book because there are many names to remember and also unlike most other Llosa novels, this one is lighter on the imagery and heavier on memory. And because it is biographical, it is easier to read without paying much attention to descriptions and metaphors. I know it is meaningless to just rush through a book simply because it is weighing down on you and because you want to hurry to other books but I cannot bring myself to start another book unless I finish this one. And it is going really slow. Is it because it is a historical novel or because I am a lousy reader?

Anyway, I had a rather interesting noon. As I was inching closer to finishing the book, I couldn’t fight the pre-orgasm of getting my hands on the next book; the only time I am excited about reading a book, which is. I dug through my collection hoping I hadn’t left my copy of Nabokov’s ‘The Gift’ in the department. Turns out I had. Instead I found myself feeling enthralled with the idea of giving ‘Possession’ another shot.

I found ‘Possession’ way back when I was still a Princess Diaries freak. I was running around feeling waves of panic upon seeing 10,000 books at landmark when I came across the ‘literature’ section and on the top shelf, the most attractive book cover I had ever seen. It had the most brilliant shade of green with a remarkable painting of Victorian looking women. Or maybe one Victorian man and one woman, it’s hard to tell because they look so much like 2 women.

I remember having started to read this in my good old Jain days. But something didn’t stick. I guess it was the timing. There are so many names in the book I could have only caught after my M.A., I couldn’t last more than 30 pages. I’m through with the first 50 pages now and I am enjoying it. I don’t remember liking it so much then though.

I am waiting to read more. I like this woman already.

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