Weekend Woes

I am 3 days away from standing before a crowd to present a paper I haven’t started writing yet. This was not how I had seen it. Yes, I was writing papers, attending conferences, traveling by air and other cool things in my head. Sadly, my head did not see that to be doing all this, I need to have my bloody paper ready. This week has been written off in my calender as Mega depression week. Biffes was the only force that kept me spirited in some gross way. I already miss the loud Inox -theme promotion music, the muticolor screen with yellow and white subtitles, buddas trying to get to the last row and disrupting pleasant movie watching experience and other things. The Post Biffes scene is usually sad like this. I am off to Pune tomorrow. I would have been looking forward to this like a drunk chipmunk if I had written by now atleast one paragraph. I am not thrilled.

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