Like J Law

I met a chubby girl today. I wish she becomes my best friend. She smells like rose powder and baby oil. Her hands are clean and her nails are neat and unpolished.  She is good at math and all the teachers like her very much. I hate my bag because it keeps falling off my shoulders and the books are all uneven when I open the bag. I spend a lot of time trying to arrange the books in my bag every night, the class works on one side, the text books on the other, the home works in the last partition. But when I open it next morning, the class works and home works are all jumbled and I can’t find most of the things. Her bag is better, it has only 2 partitions and all her books look evenly arranged when she opens them.

All the boys really like her a lot. I think I like her more than the boys do, because in the Games period they all run away to play Volley ball. She likes watching other girls playing badminton so I sit with her in the court and watch. She doesn’t realise how special she is, like Jennifer Lawrence. She also looks a bit like J Law. I don’t want to tell her that. She likes me because I don’t talk much. All the others ask her a lot of questions. ‘How are you so fair?’ ‘Do you really have your own room’? ‘Why do you get to school so early?’

When I told my mom about her, she said she drinks milk that’s why she is fair. I told her to give me two glasses everyday. One day, when they announced dictation test, I copied ‘fraternization’ from her. She looked at me and didn’t say anything. That scared me a lot. I have stopped looking into her book after that. I don’t know what she thinks of me. A week after that, Deepak told me to tell her that he likes her. I haven’t told this to her yet. Deepak’s friend is Balram. I really like Balram. I don’t know what to do. What if she likes both of them and they all become friends?

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  1. I like the air of innocence around this one. It’s amazing!


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