Let’s be independent, she said.

I said ok and jumped right in.

We cannot let other people define our happiness.


We must travel, see places, see people, eat shit, and drink crap.


We cannot let one part of our life to define us in anyway.

We shouldn’t change to accommodate love.

Yes, let’s do that. Let’s do that first.

Let’s not fall in love at all this year.

Everytime it happens it takes a big chunk from me.

I agree.

Let’s make love and not love

Let’s respect people and not demand things from them

Let’s teach ourselves to love us.

I said ok, like I say ok to everything.

Let’s learn how to swim and drive and to eat with chopsticks

Let’s learn a language and write shit poetry in that language

Let’s write without going crazy about who reads it and what they may think

Let’s give ourselves to freedom and learning

Let’s read more and let’s live more

Let’s just breathe, for a change.

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