On Watching Gilmore Girls

I suspect Gilmore Girls meant more to my mother than it will ever mean to me. It’s what resurrected her biggest fear in life – that I’d leave her and run away one day. The anxiety-ridden myth in my family has been that girls who watch Hindi movies, especially Shah Rukh Khan films, elope one day. And so we weren’t allowed anywhere near Dil Toh Pagal Hai because my cousin apparently watched it, fell in love with some guy, and ran away.

My piece on The Ladies Finger.



  1. priyalovingly says:

    I just started watching the season 1 of Gilmore Girls. And I did watch Shah Rukh Khan movies, including Dil toh Pagal hai, innumerable times and still haven’t decided on eloping yet 😅


  2. aardvark says:

    Do you think about it over and over? Leaving home? Your line- about how few people manage to actually truly leave home- that hit…well, that hit me hard.


    1. Vj says:

      I have never managed to convince myself to really leave home. It’s the easiest thing to do and also the hardest. And yes, it’s all I think about 🙂


  3. saikeerthanad says:

    I always kept drawing parallels to the mom – daughter relationships in Gilmore girls to mine, I think our mothers might be more like Mrs. Kim. Haha. I think the show is a wonderful tribute to mom daughter relationships and I recently discovered the show on Netflix and wondered if Indians watched the show, because my friends at college don’t seem to know about it. And I found your blog from Ladies Finger. Of with the poodles already. XD


    1. Vj says:

      Hi! Thank you so much 😊


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