On Elena Ferrante

Finally, finally, finally. Sat down and wrote about reading Elena Ferrante. This is my first piece for The Open Dosa and I’m thrilled that it’s about Ferrante. My students and I were just dying to talk about her at Meta this year. The following picture is from the day of the panel.

For Drishti, Ila, and Vismaya. With Louu.

This is my favourite picture from Meta. These girls and I have bonded over many other things – struggling with writing, reading, life, classes, clothes, and shoes. Now that we have Ferrante in common, these peeps will always be a part of me.

Read the piece here.



  1. This is so niceee ❤️


    1. Vj says:

      Thank you 😊


  2. Gobblefunkist says:

    That was an amazing review (was it a review? opinion piece perhaps) that makes me want to read the book. I remember starting to read the book once, but stopped because of the unsettling feeling I had about Lenu – she reminded me too much of myself, Lila being a girl in high school who drove me nuts by being Ms. Perfect.
    Thanks for the reminder to resume the book.


    1. Vj says:

      Glad you’re going to read it again. Thank you 😊 I enjoyed the book.


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