Throwing Chalk!

I have a new column at The Third Eye called Throwing Chalk (courtesy thechasingiamb, saadanam kayil)

I wrote the first essay in April, right about the time when second wave hit Bangalore. The first draft came apart like the jockey underwear I got 7- years ago. Only I knew about the holes but my editors are so smart that they also saw it and said ey this is nice but show that other one. So I wrote the second one, much tighter but also with holes that were easily darnable. I enjoyed writing this very much.

It feels like everything I need to say is inside me and I just have to sit long enough to perform some inner digging to get them all out. Writing has become very bodily these days. And I am learning to pay attention to how literal it is, how much of the body is in it. Grateful for this.

The essay is illustrated by the supremely talented Priyanka Paul whose amazing hand I want to kiss and do long dances with. Here is her glorious work:

You can read my column here.



  1. Pranava says:

    Hehe congratulations madammmmm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alagu writes says:

      At the risk of being nagging/repetitive, can I please say again I love love LOVE everything you write? When I read the column for the first time, I was filled with this intense desire to be in your class so that you could write about me like this, because of how generously you write about your students and their lives and their desires (also I love your students they’re so cool!). Your work keeps coming back to me: every time I see girls laughing together in our cafeteria, I remember what you said about teaching and watching female friendships. Basically I just love you so much that’s all.

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      1. Vj says:

        I love youuuu! This is so so so moving. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am writing mail soonly only. All you students are one big bang of coolness pa❤️

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