inventory 2

viva day, hot. deadlines everywhere. i am wearing a sleeveless blue top with little white flowers. i keep wishing this top was a dress, meaning, a little longer, and just above my knees. same soft texture. yesterday morning, still in bed and scrolling through twitter, i found a quote by Denzel Washington that made me stop scrolling (always grateful when that happens)

“You’ll never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You’ll always be criticized by someone doing less.”

Amidst all the oscar galata, this line bit me and I wanted to remain with it and do something with it. so this is me – doing something with it.

This morning at viva, a student had written that at a certain point in her life her superpower was that she had the amazing ability to ignore others. “My ears had a sheet which dodged every bullet, in turn shielding me from all the negative things said about me. I  believed that there is so much more to me rather than just having a big nose. I couldn’t see what they find bad about me instead, I found more pretty things to look at. A big nose could never stop me from loving myself back then” — I wanted to retire and spend the rest of my day smiling at this sentence.

And so here I am, back at my table, writing down things in a hurry, things I want to remember – before tomorrow comes, and today becomes yesterday.



  1. fatima says:

    I somehow thought that it was a ‘diva’ day and hence the reason you were describing the dress.

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  2. Vj says:



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