Here & There

     I. Reporting/Features:

  1. ‘Marenge toh manch pe marenge’: Experiencing love and finding answers in Maltirao Baudh’s songs (First Post)
  2. Jack, what the hack: The absurd outrage of Brahmins against Twitter CEO (First Post)
  3. Sure, You Could Say I Went to a Dalit Women’s Conference But Woah it was a Zingat Party (The Ladies Finger – online feminist web magazine)
  4. Crossword with Christmas (The Open Dosa)
  5. Doing theatre to interrupt war (The Open Dosa)
  6. In which I learn how to deal with peeps too cool for Kannada (The Open Dosa)
  7. “ToI isn’t too different from Wipro and Infosys” (The Open Dosa)
  8. What happened when Bengaluru’s working class women had a #MeToo meeting? (The Open Dosa)
  9. If ‘Untouchability’ at Sabarimala Makes You Angry, Then Welcome to the World of Dalit Women (Co-written with Sharmishta for News 18)
  10. The many forms of resistance (Deccan Herald, Show time)

II. Essays:

  1. The Truth About Bra-Stealing Grandmas and GSBs (The Ladies Finger)
  2. Why My Mother is More Scared of Lorelai Gilmore than of Shah Rukh Khan (The Ladies Finger)
  3. Wild Hair and Mad Dalit Women (First Post)
  4. Creating A Feminist Classroom: Why Should Marx Have All The Fun? (Feminism in India)
  5. An Ode to Drunk Girls I Meet in the Loos of Pubs (The Ladies Finger)
  6. Between croaking cities and silent frogs (The Open Dosa)
  7. Which 9 Songs Would Tell The Story Of Your Life? (The Ladies Finger)
  8. For Rohith Vemula, who wanted to learn, but ended up taking his own life; and for Savarnas who are too good to learn (First Post)
  9. What’s caste got to do with it: Being a Dalit writer and responding to Savarna criticism (First Post)
  10. “I can’t be depressed, I am Dalit.” (The Life of Science)
  11. The Coming of Reason | Relationships (India Today)
  12. Give A Dalit Man A Pair Of Scissors, And He’ll Show You What Freedom Is  (HuffPost India)

III. Films:

  1. Ta-Ta, Bahubali. I’d Much Rather Be Jejamma (The Ladies Finger)
  2. This New Period Horror Film tells the Story of a Rather Different Freedom Struggle (The Ladies Finger)
  3. Puneet Rajkumar’s Chakravyuha Reminds You that Love Anthe Love is Forever(The Ladies Finger)
  4. Reading Sairat’s Rulebook of Running Away (The Ladies Finger)
  5. Lipstick Under My Burkha – Cliché, Soo Che, Danda Leke Maru Che (The Open Dosa)
  6. I Watched Kaala. Now Tell Me Whose Permission Do Dalits Need To Be Stylish In Life? (The Ladies Finger)
  7. Sexy Saturday Songs: Do it Like Dhanush (Agents of Ishq)
  8. ‘Jai Bhim’ is an ode to the Constitution  (Deccan Herald)
  9. 10 years of Pa Ranjith (Deccan Herald)

IV. Books:

  1. How We Wish this Memoir was a Wee Bit More Aashiqui, A Wee Bit Less Ashram (The Ladies Finger)
  2. I’d rather be Dingo-Khanna but the song is Lila Lila Lila (The Open Dosa)
  3. I Read Sujatha Gidla’s Memoir And I Understood My Father’s Dalit Boyhood a Little Better (The Ladies Finger)
  4. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd And The Loneliness Of A Bahujan Academic (HuffPost India)
  5. ‘Coming Out As Dalit’: An ode to rage and defiance (The Hindu Business Line – Blink)
  6. To Fall In Love (With Yourself), You Need A Plunger, Not Plumber (Huffpost India)
  7. A Battleground called B.R Ambedkar (The Hindu Business Line – Blink)

V. Interviews/Profile:

  1. In her words, and mine: Getting to know Ants Among Elephants’ award-winning author Sujatha Gidla (First Post)
  2. Telling BR Ambedkar’s story is difficult; for Bahujan filmmaker Jyoti Nisha, it has proven to be even more so (First Post)
  3. By Ponnuthai’s Side – A review of photographer Jaisingh Nageswaran’s Mullai Periyar River series (The White Review)
  4. Reckless In Love, Powerful In Sisterhood – Vijeta Kumar Interviews Asha Kowtal (Agents of Ishq)

VI. Columns:

Throwing Chalk for The Third Eye

  1. Girls, Cows and the Cities they Grind to Dust
  2. Hiding Behind Language

On Dalit Dreaming and Rebellious Joy – The Funambulist Magazine

VII. Hear Only:

Nee Poda

  1. The Joy of Writing – Anurag Minus Verma Podcast, 17 Oct 2022
  2. Clear Blue Skies S1: Experiencing Ambedkar – Dalit Feminist Futures – Part I: Under the Sun
  3. Maitrī – The mental wellness corner
  4. The Other Banana Podcast on South Indian Cinema – Episode 41: Velaiilla Pattadhari
  5. The Podcaste with Aditya Sondhi – Episode 5
  6. DH Radio | Filmy Fridays: A deep-dive into Pa Ranjith’s ‘Natchathiram Nagargirathu’

VIII. See me see me not:

  1. Meta 2022: They’re Playing My Song! – Women, Love, Life, Art and Becoming Yourself – in conversation with writer and filmmaker, Paromita Vohra. (May 2022)
  2. Translation Politics: Ajay Navaria & Laura Brueck – Featuring Hindi short story writer Ajay Navaria alongside his long-time collaborator and translator, Laura Brueck, the panel provides an in-depth look at the process of translating Dalit literary texts (June 2022)
  3. Tata Literature Live – Cast Out Prejudice | Chandra Bhan Prasad, TM Krishna, Vijeta Kumar and Sreenivasan Jain
  4. Counting Caste – Whose Culture is it?: Decoding Caste within ‘Popular’ Culture – Pa Ranjith, Dr Sylvia Karpagam, Nrithya Pillai, Meena Kotwal