V – Vanilla

Lo woke up to the tit tat of the old typewriter that had made noise off of its malfunctioning letter P. Humbert Humbert used a lot of P’s. He rammed the letter P into its home, jarring his teeth with frustration. ‘I’m sorry but you have got to appear’ he barked. Lo stood now at his doorway and looked at him with all the pillow face that she carried from her room.

‘You woke me’, she whispered.

Humbert Humbert gave a start and looked at little lo. She was wearing a plain white T shirt and pajamas that were very long. They covered her toes and she kept tugging at them like she wanted them but didn’t want them. The animal in our hero gave a long, soft purr. He approved.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were so close, sleeping. I’ll keep it low’, he said. His voice trying every bit he could muster to defy his feelings which were prowling around a little too menacingly towards her pajamas.

‘No-is ok, I’m up now’, she said and turned away. Humbert Humbert continued to look at the white space that Lo left. An almost angelic light sifted around where she had just been leaning. He got up to follow her. An air that was left by her hit his face and he sighed. It smelled of Jasmine and baby powder. He wanted so much to nuzzle his face in her neck, in her hair, in her. He stepped on what appeared to be a soft piece of cloth. He picked it up only to have his face, nose and eyes crave for Lo. They were her pajamas. She had removed them on the top of the stairs and he was now dissolving his face into her smell.

If the night couldn’t possibly give him the desired climax, he would have very much liked to stop at this. Him – holding her pajamas, breathing it, breathing her, imagining what she would be like, leaning over him, in bed. Her hair, in his face. But the thought of seeing her naked knees and the beauteous mass of thighs that lay over it, pushed him into the kitchen.

Lo sat in front of the open refrigerator, naked legs arching over near her chin. Her panties were soft and white and looked like they were doing perfect justice to what lay inside. But he wasn’t bothered about it for now. He just liked looking at her doing what she was doing so beautifully. Her face was crammed inside the refrigerator and she emerged a few seconds later with a box of Vanilla ice cream and a cup of raspberries. Humbert Humbert just watched her, his hands clutching at the deep insides of his pockets. Lo was wedging the raspberries in each of her fingers, dipping them in Vanilla ice cream and just as easily as she had left Humbert Humbert in his room,after changing his life forever, she was plopping the raspberries in her mouth, one by one.

Humbert Humbert was very afraid now because he knew himself too well. He realized that now that he had seen this thing, this creature, this child-woman, he could never let the moment go. Or her.