I am not PMSing

And then there are days like these when somebody who really cares about you will strip reality and lay it bare for you to look at and wonder. It’s not something you have never heard of before. You have heard of it, but just in twisted ways. It is just something you have been taught to be really afraid of, something that your parents dread happening to you- which is the simple happiness of being alone. Now that I’m beyond being mad at society and all, I can look at this shit and continue being mad at them.

I mean, look around us – everybody and everything seem to be fixated upon instilling this fear of being alone in us. And they are doing it beautifully. They won’t come to you directly and tell you that it sucks to be alone, They will fill your head with a whole lot of crap about marriage and kids and family and love and this paranormal idea of ‘the one’. It’s a freaking conspiracy. Movies will take away 3 hours from your goddamned life just to tell you that there is someone out there for you and that your sole reason for existence is to go and find this person. T.V shows will be named after finding somebody significant in life and they will also run a whole set of 9 seasons to bloody tell you that the idea of ‘the one’ is real. And we buy this shit because we have been trained into believing that we need love and nourishment and that family is the most important thing and that human beings are incapable of living alone.

The only argument they have for pulling this shit is that we are not animals. And that because we live in society, we need order. But aren’t animals way happier than us? Why does this gross insistence on family life not acknowledge beauteous things like choice or options or even priorities for that matter.

Why does living alone have to be dreaded? Are we so disgusted with ourselves that just the thought of spending time with ourselves drives us into manifesting a whole civilization hell bent on forcing people to live with each other and produce babies? And aren’t there enough babies already? Somebody seriously has to start working on that. I mean, why are there so many babies? Is it legal?

Why are people force fed into this condition to have babies and in so much excess? First, you complain about not getting paid enough, then you go have babies? Why? Because some lame ass man wrote something crappy about marriage and kids? This baby thing is seriously scary man. And nobody seems at all worried about it.

Some really unhappily married couples couldn’t see that the others were unmarried and happy so they had to pull them into this mess. Whatever the reason, all around us is the barking mad view of a culture that doesn’t see choice as a way of life because it sees itself way too much.

Yes I am ranting because I am mad at this. I was 16 when I first fell in love and went straight into believing that I would live happily ever after with him. And I am still with him. So this is not a post break up angst. I just really think we need to look at living alone as a choice and not something that we should run away from, all our lives.



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