Y – Yuck

You know how when you are on the toilet sometimes, just browsing through stuff on your smartphone? (which was why smartphones were discovered. For how long can you keep playing snake on the old Nokia while on the toilet?) So that. I stumbled on this one post that I just had to open. Something about top ten disgusting pictures or something. Something about numbering and lists just gets me off (Go Thought Catalog)

So this list included your regular things like paper cuts and housefly in mouth and other such not so disgusting things and then – all innocently sitting on the same list was ‘Trypophobia’. I had never heard of it before but the picture that accompanied it sent shivers down everywhere and my face wanted to run away from my body which was twitching and saying hello to goosebumps. A gazillion small holes sitting very close to each other. No, not the goosebumps. The picture for trypophobia was just that. Holes. Just many of them. Lotus pods, Beehive. What made it yucky was that these holes were on some skin like surface. I shut my phone off and set it aside.

Nothing good comes from doing what you aren’t supposed to do when you are on the freaking toilet.

I did a bit of research and found that the fear of holes is called trypophobia and it is a physiological fear of falling into these holes or imagining these holes on your body. Eeek. And Yuck.

Good day all. Do not look for trypophobia on the net. It will show you pictures. And you will want to die. Just don’t.

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